Couples Therapy

It is never too early to start couples therapy

I focus on helping couples of all kinds improve their relationship. I work with couples who are significantly struggling as well as those simply looking for a "tune-up." Sometimes couples seek therapy as they go through a major milestone, such as moving in, making a career decision, renegotiating the terms of their relationship, having a child, or getting married. Others seek therapy when conflict begins to take over the relationship or after a crisis, such as an affair, a medical crisis, infertility, or major argument. Regardless of the reason, most couples wish they had started sooner. 


The purpose of couples therapy is to deepen your connection to each other. Through interactive sessions, I will help you improve your communication and attachment. In session we will practice having difficult conflict conversations so that you can learn new skills to take home with you. Sex therapy is also available to help couples talk about difficult problems such as different levels of desire, orgasm issues, erectile dysfunction, or other concerns.


Couples of all backgrounds are warmly welcome here, including consensually non-monogamous couples, LGBTQIA and gender diverse couples. I have specific experience working with first and second generation immigrants, and intercultural couples (partners from different ethnic backgrounds).

If you are seeing an individual therapist, I can liaise with them to coordinate your care. Referrals to therapists and psychiatrists in the area are also available. 

Psychotherapy to help you connect