Psychotherapy for couples and individuals in Silver Spring, MD

Individual Therapy

I work primarily with people in their 20’s, 30's and 40's navigate relationships, work, family and friendships. My approach is wholly client-centered and affirming, which means I will support your personal experience of gender, ethnicity, nationality, and sexual orientation. I support clients in the LGBTQIA+ community. I also have specific experience working with first- and second- generation immigrants to understand issues of identity, and welcome all people regardless of immigration status. 

Therapy is a place to examine who you are, and what life is really about, in a therapeutic space that is warm, accepting, and interactive. I will help you understand your story and discover new skills so that you can grow to your fullest potential. We are hardwired for human connection, which is why therapy is so powerful and effective. 

Collaborative approach

If it's requested by you, I can collaborate with other providers, such as other therapists, psychiatrists, or primary care providers to ensure you get the best care. 

Please note as an LMSW therapist, all therapy services are provided under direct clinical supervision of senior clinicians. I take a collaborative, team-based approach so that you can get the most effective therapy possible.