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Support for New Parents

Couple with their Baby

"We never have enough time for each other. It's hard to connect."

"We argue about parenting styles and housework. It never feels fair."

"We haven't had sex in a while and I'm starting to get worried."

"We had to go through so much to get here, and it really impacted our connection and sex life."

Research shows that 67 percent of relationships suffer a significant decline in the first three years after the birth of a child. Many couples continue to struggle for years after that. Parenting is hard on your relationship. We can help. 

Through couples therapy, we can help you identify your relationship's strengths and weaknesses, so you that you can learn how to reconnect with each other. Using research backed techniques, we will practice communication skills in session to help you and your partner support each other as both parents and partners. 

Don't wait until the children are grown to seek out support. Every parent needs help sometimes, and that includes help with your relationship. 

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