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Nonreligious Premarital Therapy

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For couples seeking nonreligious premarital therapy, we offer a series of five to eight sessions where we will assess your relationship through the Gottman Relationship Check-Up, identify key areas to work on, and practice new skills to help prepare for the next stage of your relationship. This is designed for couples who want a non-religious alternative to faith based pre-marital counseling, and is meant for couples of all orientations and gender identities. The purpose is to help prepare your relationship for the next step. 

During our sessions, we will:

  • Discuss your expectations and hopes for getting married

  • Check in about the "big five" topics: housework, finances, children, in-laws, and sex

  • Identify your conflict patterns 

  • Review your results from the Gottman assessment, which looks for strengths and weaknesses in your relationship, based on decades of research with married couples

  • Practice communication skills


In session, you and your partner will have time to connect about these important topics with the support of a trained therapist. The goal is not to reach agreement, but rather to improve connection, increase understanding, and practice communication skills that will benefit you throughout your relationship for years to come. 

At the end of the series, you can choose to wrap up, continue with your therapist, or pause and come back later. Many couples find it is helpful to have a therapist from the beginning that they can turn to in later years if the relationship has a rough patch. 

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