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Sex Therapy

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"I want to talk to my partner about this and don't know where to start."

"My partner wants sex more/less than I do and it's becoming a problem."

"We love each other, so why is this so hard?" 

"I have a different orientation than my partner and it's hard to talk about." 

For many, sex can be difficult. We can help. Sex therapy is talk therapy about sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual feelings, past or current sexual experiences, sexual trauma, or any other topic that involves your feelings, thoughts or behaviors around sex or sexual experiences. 


Some of the things that couples and individuals come to sex therapy for are:

  • Sexual functioning, such as orgasm issues, erection issues, pain or difficulty with penetration

  • Health concerns that affect sexuality, such as anxiety or depression, injuries, chronic illnesses, disabilities or medication side effects 

  • Desire discrepancy (when one partner wants sex more often than the other)

  • Low sex or low desire relationships (when couples slow down or stop having sexual interactions)

  • Exploring kinks and BDSM

  • Sexual orientation issues, such as coming out, exploring new identities, addressing external or internalized homophobia

  • Negotiating the terms of a relationship when one or both partners wants to open or close a relationship

  • Assisted reproductive technology (such as IVF, surrogacy, and IUI)

  • Unplanned pregnancy 

  • Affairs and affair recovery, for couples or individuals impacted by an affair

  • Recovery from sexual trauma, coercion, or non-consensual touch, sometimes decades ago

  • Information about orgasms, pleasure, contraception, and more

  • Communication about sexual needs and wants with a partner

  • Navigating single life, online dating, and hook ups

  • Exploring negative messages about sex

  • Pregnancy and reproductive health, including infertility or complications around having children

Sex therapy is a safe space to explore these issues and more. Here, you will find a sex positive, body positive, non-judgmental, affirming approach. We will talk about your concerns with candor, compassion, and honesty. Your boundaries will always be respected, and you will never be required to disclose any information you don't want to. You may be surprised at how easy it is to talk about this very sensitive topic.


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